translated from Spanish: Miami: Decrees curfew to protect minors from street violence

Starting this week, children under the age of 17 who reside in Miami-Dade County will not be able to stay out of their homes after 11 p.m. This was determined by the county commission, which decreed a curfew after a series of shootings. The last shooting occurred this Thursday morning at Homestead, where a 13-year-old teenager received bullet hits and had to be boarded. The measure is promoted by the President of the Miami-Dade Commission, Audrey M. Edmonson, and is framed within an initiative devised by the anti-Violence Intervention Group (GVI) which will have an initial budget of 2 million dollars. The goal is to “reduce crime overnight and provide care, safety and protection to minors and other residents.” While this is an ordinance that already existed, was not being fulfilled so they will seek that as of today, be applied correctly: from Sunday to Friday, children under 17 will not be able to stay on the streets from 23 to 6, while on weekends the touch that Da governs from midnight until the police 6.La will be in charge of enforcing the measure. Those who do not, “will receive prevention services from the Department of Juvenile Services.

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