translated from Spanish: Easy and economical: the recipe to prepare a good locro

How to prepare a Locro



200 Grs. of Beans Pallares
200 Grs. White Maize Party
200 Grs of vegetable cubes (may be onion, celery and leek)
50 Grs. de Manteca
200 Grs. Smoked bacon
500 Grs. Pumpkin cubes
Necessary amount of broth or vegetable bottom amount to taste of salt and pepper
1 boiled red chorizo
4 slices of raw ham
1 Well of olive oil
2 tablespoons sweet paprika
4 green Onions


Soak beans and corn for 12 hours in cold water. 
Cook cubes of vegetables in a pan with butter and smoked bacon, then add the beans-well ezcurridos-and the pumpkin.
Stir over low heat for approximately one hour until beans are tender. Then add salt and pepper. 
Cut the bacon in canes and the red chorizo in sheets. Put them on a plate with the ham and bake until they are tasty and crispy.
In minimum fire, separately, cook the oil with the paprika, and add the green onion. Salt and pepper to taste. 
Serve the locro with the sauce, and enjoy! 

Original source in Spanish

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