translated from Spanish: Police attend childbirth of 14-year-old girl in metro Apricot

A 14-year-old teenager gave birth on Monday afternoon to the interior of the apricot Metro facilities in Mexico City.
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Through a statement, the secretariat of Citizen Security Capital (SSC) reported that staff of the Metro collective transport System (STCM) and elements of the banking and Industrial Police (PBI) helped the pregnant girl, who requested support when He was inside the apricot station on line 8 when he had strong contractions.
“Immediately, the elements of GDP, commissioned to security and surveillance functions at the STCM facilities as part of the quadrant proximity strategy, as well as the station chief in turn, activated the emergency protocol, While the woman was taken to the station headquarters cubicle, he detailed.
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At 14:35 of the day it was registered in the birth of a male baby, with stable signs.
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Childbirth was aided by a worker from the STCM’s Industrial safety and hygiene management, and later the mother and baby were taken care of by paramedics from the rescue and Emergency medical Squad (ERUM), and then transferred to a hospital in Specialties.
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