translated from Spanish: Imbalance in Michoacan, result of non-fulfilment of institutions: Yarabí Ávila

Morelia, Michoacán.-The local representative of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Yarabí Avila González considered that the instability in Michoacan and in particular in Zamora, is the result of the failure of the institutions and the executive powers.
“When rights are exceeded, there is logically a destability and imbalance when institutions do not fulfil their work. The state is desperate not only in security, we are drowning in Michoacan. ”
Related to the violent events that occurred in Zamora on the weekend, the legislator of the LXXIV Legislature mentioned that there is a joint responsibility of the state and federal executive power, as well as the legislature, by not making stronger laws that Allow citizens to leave the crises of security, education, health and economy.
In this context and on the National Guard, Yarabí Avila reiterated that the Federal government’s approach is an occurrence that has taken a long time to enter into action despite violence in the state.
“We are threatened in the security issue, with an occurrence that in five months has not given results, has not worked a proposal that has no head or feet, or any diagnosis.”

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