translated from Spanish: He crossed the mountain range and fulfilled 500 days of travel in his scooter

He had everything to stay in Guadalajara, but more than a year ago he decided to grab a scooter and travel the American continent. This week, the adventurer Lalo Michel went through Mendoza and-after meeting friends-was encouraged to cross the mountain range to Chile despite the cold and snow.

The Mexican, who has worked as an industrial designer, has the Esmirriada trace of a Quixote. In his vehicle loading cameras and a small drone with which he recorded landscapes and experiences, because-as he likes to repeat-«a trip of this size moves you from the guts to the crop.»

«Raza, today I celebrate five hundred days since I started this adventure (…) So let’s celebrate! «You hear him say in his last video, while he talks to friends in the middle of the mountains.
What things can be carried on a scooter? Michel told the press: «You have to be minimalist. I’m wearing spare parts, dry clothes, extra gasoline. But the most important suitcase I bring is built by human ribs: inside that suitcase travel with me the people I love. But because it has slits… I keep getting people! «.
Lalo was already in Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama. Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. According to his words, the plan is to get to Ushuaia «before the winter falls on him like a dead toad.»

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