translated from Spanish: BioBus-E: The first electric trolley made in Rosario

«Ahijuna con la Lobuna, is made in Rosario,» says WC Pereyra, to which Mendieta replies «who bore him.» Those who speak are the characters of the eternal Roberto Fontanarrosa and refer to the first electric trolley manufactured in the province of Santa Fe. Both caricatures are part of the decoration of the vehicle, as a sign of their DNA Rosario. The BioBus-E has a totally electric propulsion. Their engines were produced in Gálvez, south of Santa Fe. Meanwhile, the engineering and design are of Rosario, as well as the bodywork. Precisely, the design was part of the Rosario Juan Manuel Diaz, who is the current designer of the Audi brand. From Germany he provided the final details for the creation of the BioBus-E. The team that participated in the construction was formed by the company MOVI, Inventu Mobility and members of CONICET and the Faculty of Engineering of the UNR. From the province of Santa Fe they assured that «there are less than five countries that produce trolleybuses in attention to which the proposal and the technological development become more relevant».

Authorities during the presentation.

The BioBus-e features air conditioning hot/cold, allows 27 passengers seated, also includes manual ramp and two spaces for reduced mobility. Its three-phase electric motor develops a power of 125 HP and its maximum torque is 2200 Nm. » This new trolley is the result of the work of a public company that has been learning to manage transport and today it does very efficiently, putting the axis in fulfilling a quality service for all Rosarinos. Now we incorporate this innovation that will allow to have a modern fleet, a system more friendly with the environment and a much quieter transport, more comfortable and, at the same time, to provide a better service saving investment costs, «said Miguel Lifschitz, Governor of Santa Fe.
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