translated from Spanish: “It is irreparable damage to future generations”: National History Awards call for correcting the controversial curriculum change

The academic world continues to manifest itself against the measure imposed by the National Council of Education (CNED), Which deprives the subject of history for the students of third and fourth half. In this sense, the national awards of History Sergio Gonzalez and Lautaro Núñez, issued a statement where they strongly reject this curricular change, ensuring that this “seems incoherent with a quality education.”
In the same line, they expressed their concern about “symbolic violence” that represents this measure and the intention to project it as a “beneficial and attractive proposal for students”, when it is notoriously “a setback in the formation Academic “. The document raises “it is not possible to change some issues that are fundamental to impart in 3 ° and 4 ° medium”, which are directly related to “the intellectual maturity of the students”, as the problem of the borders with the countries Neighbors (Peru and Bolivia) or populations have created habitability in the Atacama desert.
“The mentality of the students of that segment (3 and 4 medium) allows them to understand the scientific or cultural complexity that these phenomena contain (…) They have a knowledge base that in first and second half do not have, “they said.
They argue that the discipline of history “is no longer a positivist narrative of events of the past” but now “requires new theories and methodologies.”
Scholars also state that “academic and scientific research in the field of long-term Chilean history as of present time has had a remarkable development in our country, with the emergence of scientific journals and institutes Specialized, ie classroom teachers have much more quality content on hand and be able to impart it with relevance to their students. ”
“We hope that this measure will be corrected as soon as possible to avoid irreparable damage to future generations, because our disciplines are not only a passive record of the past, but are an explanation, interpretation, deconstruction and understanding of that Past with critical and prospective gaze, “they closed.

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