translated from Spanish: AMLO does not rule out going to court if the US imposes tariffs

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asserted that Mexico does not waive its right to attend international instances in the event that the United States impose tariffs on Mexican products, but for now it is committed to dialogue and reach agreements and commitments.
«We are not going to enter into a trade war, a war of tariffs, of taxes. It is no, we do not want that confrontation with the United States or any country. If it is necessary to would go international tribunals, as envisaged in the free trade agreement and as envisaged in the agreements of international trade organizations, «he said this morning at an extraordinary conference from Veracruz.
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He said that his bet is the dialogue, and stated that, if Trump came to fulfill his threat and applied the tariff, Mexico is preparing to withstand that onslaught.
On May 30, Trump warned that his government will impose 5% of tariffs as of June 10, if there is no reduction in illegal immigration.
The chair listed the three actions to be followed in the forthcoming negotiations: the first would be dialogue and achieve agreements; The second would be the legal way, to go to international instances of commerce. And three, a plan to boost the economy and resist these American decisions.
«There is no risk, there would be a crisis of any kind, not even a box, we have a strong pubic farm, we have raised enough and we have saved, we have enough reserves in dollars, we have reserves in pesos, we have a solid economy, but the most Important of all is that we have the citizens and we will get ahead, «he said.
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He reiterated that Mexico does its work in everything related to the migratory phenomenon, without neglecting the causes that cause the problem, providing objective and demonstrable information of the actions of government in this matter.
The delegation that accompanies Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard in the negotiations with the US is formed by the Secretariat of Economy, Graciela Márquez; The undersecretary for North America, Jesús Seade, and the head of the Presidency office, Alfonso Romo.
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