translated from Spanish: Mexico needs a new policy model: González

Culiacan, Sinaloa.-The alternative project leading the progressive social networks (RSP) rejects public funding, deputies and Senators Multimember; and proposes to create a Council of State where important decisions are taken in the Government of our country. The National Commissioner of RSP, Fernando Gonzalez Sanchez, arrived yesterday to Culiacan to coordinate the work of the Sixth State Assembly, which will be in this city today, and which is expected to assist more than 3000 delegates effective as part of the process for To become a national political party before the National Electoral Institute (INE). Process
According to González Sánchez, the General Law of Electoral institutions and procedures establishes as a requirement the completion of at least 20 state assemblies to consolidate the party; However, he said that they contemplate making 25, in order to guarantee if the INE annuls any of the previous assemblies. For his part, Juan Iván Peña, general Coordinator of RSP, stressed that in Mexico there is a need for political parties, derived from the country there is an oligarchy linked to public money.

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In the fourth transformation in which the country is located, the aim is to consolidate a redesign of the political parties in order to transparent the processes before the society, so that they originate a legality in the new model of Mexico.

Unlike the old structures that make up the majority of the parties, progressive social networks does not follow or assume hierarchies of bases, nor currents guilds, because the project is open to all the political actors in force and the whole society in General. With 130,000 affiliations, the project, said Fernando Gonzalez, is prosecuting the need for representation by a new model, so he called on teachers ‘ union leaders to avoid banning the assistance of their members to the Assembly, to be held today In Figlostase. Social networks progressives based their interaction through social networks, and has shown a favorable acceptance, said Gonzalez Sanchez. From the new change in making politics in Mexico, with progressive social networks is betting on Represent the interests of the population through a corruption-free scheme, focused on accountability.

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