translated from Spanish: Pochettino and the «curse» of Argentine technicians in the champions

The Argentines became great football coaches throughout history and five of them had the chance to crown as champions of Europe. Initially, the story began very well but then fell and a drought of 54 years was maintained. Luis Antonio Carniglia
The first to arrive at this instance was born in Olivos and directing nothing more and nothing less than Real Madrid. Under his command, the Merengue reached two European Cup finals, in 1958 and 1959, and both opportunities were won with the title. These were the 3rd and 4th Cup won by the house BlancaHelenio Herrera
Just five years later, an Argentine would come back to the final. With Inter Milan, Herrera reached the decisive meeting on two occasions (1964 and 1965), and managed to remain unbeatable to give the first international titles to the Neroazzurro. In addition, he became the last South American coach to achieve the European Cup. Juan Carlos Lorenzo
Before giving Boca his first Copa Libertadores, «Toto» Lorenzo was a step away from making history with Atletico Madrid. In 1974, he directed the «mattress» until the end, but there he ran into the powerful Bayern Munich, who apabulló in the playoff for 4 to 0, and here began the curse. Héctor Cuper
We had to wait until the year 2000 to see another Argentinean DT in the final, this time, of the champions League. With a Valencia that spoke, Cúper took the «Che» to the final to Real Madrid, but ended up falling. A year later, he would have his rematch with the same team and the defeat was repeated, but this time with Bayern Munich. Diego Simeone
The history of «Cholo» is one of the best known and the most painful defeats for Argentine fanatics. In 2014 he played the top with Atlético de Madrid to reach the final but on the other side was the eternal rival, Real Madrid, who snatched the title in the last play of the game and ended beating people 4 to 1 in overtime. The rematch was going to arrive pretty soon, in 2016, but again the «Merengue» won, although this time from the penals. Mauricio Pochettino
In Madrid, he was born in Murphy for the first time to Tottenham for the champions League final. In a strange game and was losing since the minute, could never get up and fell 2 to 0, growing the bad streak of the Argentine coaches, which will someday end. 

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