translated from Spanish: Girls can wear pants and kids skirt in CDMX schools

Starting this Monday, children of preschool, primary and secondary school in public and private schools in Mexico City may choose to wear a skirt or trousers as part of the school uniform.
The head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that from this Monday, the secretariat of Public Education (SEP) will turn a circular to inform about this provision in schools of basic level in the capital.
Accompanied by the Secretary of Public education, Esteban Moctezuma, during the presentation of the plan «neutral uniform» in the primary school «Guadalupe ashtrays of Zavaleta», located in the historical center, explained that this measure generates a condition of equality And the ages were left behind where the girls had to have a skirt and the kids had to bring pants.

A city of rights brings equality to all spheres. With the secretary of the @SEP_mx @emoctezumab we announce the neutral school uniform on the Cd. The skirt will not be exclusive for girls and pants for children. Simple actions to promote equal rights
— Claudia Sheinbaum (@Claudiashein) June 3, 2019

«Kids can bring skirt if they want and girls can bring pants if they want, that’s a part of equity, equality,» he considered, as there is a right where parents want to keep the school uniform, but it is not necessary for girls to always t Raigan skirt With the exception of the days with sporting activities.
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He added that it is a very simple thing, but that generates a condition of equality and equity in such a way that it does not categorize what type of clothes should be brought according to the gender, but that a condition of equality in the rights is generated.
Abounded that with the provision of the «neutral uniform» opens a right and allows the possibility that girls can wear trousers, and sometimes when a right opens, new forms of knowledge and understanding are generated where the most important thing is to end the Violence and gender differentiation.
After commenting that they work in coordination with the authorities of the federal educational services, he added that the city government is looking for education to be the best in the country and should be worked to reinforce it, so it requires support.
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He stressed that the Federal educational Authority is responsible for training teachers, curricula, and the city government collaborates and supports in coordination with universities such as UNAM, IPN and others to strengthen teacher training, mainly In areas of mathematics and science that were somehow left behind.
It works to strengthen the infrastructure to generate better education, so support is promoted with programs like «best school» with minor maintenance work, which are determined in assemblies that make parents and teachers, and are given Between 450,000 and 250,000 pesos.
He pointed out that support for school supplies and uniforms was increased to 820 pesos for primary and 900 pesos for public secondary schools, and in the next school year it will start «my scholarship to start» with 330 pesos per month, help which will replace «talented children».
The Secretary of Education, Moctezuma Barrangán celebrated the coordination of the Government of Mexico City and the federal Educational services area and that are on the lookout for what happens in the public schools of the capital of the country, which are in the first National level, although they suddenly have competition, but it is a public education that sets the example to the rest.
In his opportunity, the girl Emili Valeria Hernández thanked this provision of the authorities to support the children of Mexico and the effort made by the authorities and parents to make each day better.
Aurea Berenice Suárez Ruiz, a mother of the family, thanked the efforts of different levels of government to provide a better education for their children, and to meet the challenge of the present and future, and stressed the importance of children having a school uniform.
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