translated from Spanish: Kevin Spacey appeared before the court in case of abuse

Dressed in gray suit and glasses, Kevin Spacey appeared on Monday in a Massachusetts court where a judge will conduct a hearing in the actor’s case, accused of groping a young man a Nantucket bar in 2016.
Spacey’s presence was somewhat surprising, as he was not obliged to attend and has been kept away from court except for a brief hearing in January that he also tried to avoid.
The Exastro of 59 years of «House of Cards», who pleaded not guilty in January of a charge of abuse and aggression, did not make statements to the press when he arrived with his lawyers. He could spend up to two and a half years in prison to be found guilty.
Spacey’s lawyers have increased their attacks on the credibility of the man who denounced him. In court documents presented on Friday, defense attorney Alan Jackson accused the young man of deleting text messages that support the actor’s innocence arguments.
It is the only criminal case filed against the winner of two Oscar awards since his career fell apart amid a wave of inappropriate sexual conduct signs in 2017.
The case came to light that year when Boston’s TV presenter Heather Unruh said that Spacey drunk his son and sexually assaulted him at the Club Car, a popular restaurant and bar on the holiday island outside of Cape Cod.
Unruh’s son told the police that he wanted to take a picture with Spacey and went to talk to him when he finished his shift at the establishment, where he worked as a waiter’s assistant. The young man, then 18 years old, said that Spacey bought him several drinks and tried to convince him to go home with him before lowering the trousers closure and groping for about three minutes.
The accuser told the police that he tried to move Spacey’s hands, but that he continued to touch him, and that he didn’t know what to do because he didn’t want to get in trouble because he drank. The legal age for drinking in the United States is 21 years. The young man said he ran off when Spacey went to the bathroom.
Spacey’s lawyers have described the allegations as «evidently false» and accused the man of lying in the hope of making money in a civil case against Spacey. They argue that it was a «consensual flirtation» and questioned why, according to the history of man, he did not object or try to retire if he was being abused.
Spacey’s lawyer urged the court in Friday’s motion to order the prosecutors to deliver a «complete and unaltered forensic copy» of the accuser’s phone records, arguing that new evidence confirms that «deleted text messages And it provided falsified screenshots of its night conversation in question to law enforcement officers.
Spacey’s lawyer also looks for any communication about the case made by a high prosecutor in the district attorney’s office in Cape & Islands, who revealed that his sister is a friend of the accuser’s mother.
Judge Thomas Barrett ordered the Club Car to deliver at the latest Monday all surveillance videos taken between 5 p.m. July 7 and 3 am on July 8, 2016.

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