translated from Spanish: Nicole Neumann tried to «tibia» Pampita and she answered

In reference to Pampita’s stance against the decriminalization of abortion, Nicole Neumann said: «I think it’s lukewarm.»

«Before the comment I obviously answer. Tibia I was not, but I think the law has to leave if society needs it. Beyond the beliefs that one has, «Pampita responded since his cycle broadcasted by Net Tv. Luis Piñeyro, part of the program, added:» Nicole says you want to look good with God and the devil «and the driver said:» With God I’m always good because I believe Deeply into God and so I raise my children. It is the religion that serves me, that I chose and that accompanies me in the good and the bad. » To that, he added: «For me life is always a great miracle. I would never despise her and if I had to give advice, I would always say to bring a child into the world, which is the most wonderful thing there is. » However, he put the dots: «But as a communicator I must say what I think. For me, society needs this law a long time ago. I think it will not come out in a few years, but the fight is still there and I wish the best for all who fight for this. I do not fight for this because my belief is different, but I think it has to go out because it is necessary. »

«There are few of us who think so. In general there are those who think that they do not have to leave and others who are convinced that they do. Very few say ‘ what I think I can not instill in the other or force him to think like me, ‘ he added. And he concluded, «and I’m not getting along with the prolifes. The law has to go out and all the prolifes that I write in the networks I clarify this and I’m playing for one thing. That the law exists does not mean that the whole society will use it to-morrow. Each one will reason according to their formation, their culture or their personal situation. » In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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