translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Raquel Argandoña tells the reasons for her exit from channel 13 and points to “high executive”

After several days of relative silence, Raquel Argandoña spoke with no filter of her exit from channel 13 on her newly launched YouTube channel. In the video titled “30 Things About me-Raquel Argandoña”, his daughter Kel Calderon made him, as it is logical to suppose, 30 questions. Among them several on its exit of channel 13, which surprised the spectators of “welcome” on Monday. “Why don’t you continue on channel 13?”, he consulted the influence of his mother, who pointed directly “to the one who commands in Channel 13”, as the responsible for his departure. “I was fired because a high-level executive, good to the boss in Channel 13, does not like women with personality,” said the “Quintrala.” “Television is still a patriarchy,” he criticized and deepeneded even more in the reasons. “Always, ever since he got to the canal, I knew he never liked me. I knew I had more or less the days counted, “he revealed and explained that when he heard the news that he did not follow as a panelist for the morning of channel 13 called” A person of great confidence “, who confirmed his dismissal. “I never got the reasons, I called my direct bosses ‘ welcome ‘, they tried to defend me, because I think we had a great deal,” he told. Kel insisted on the subject and even slipped that the real reason after his mother’s dismissal was that she knew a secret. “It is rumored in the press that you were fired because you knew that this executive had a mistress inside the canal is it true?”, he asked his mother who replied, “I have never gotten into the private life of executives.” “That wasn’t the question, I asked you if you knew,” Calderón insisted. “Yes, everybody knows but that’s their private life to me I’m not interested in what he does in his spare time,” Argandoña said. “Could it be that this executive liked the news readers?” insinuated the daughter, to which the mother answered energetically: “Kel cut”. “I have done my career because I have worked, because I am professional and because I am talented, I do not need or need any man to get ahead and that deserves a health,” sentenced the blonde who empinó a glass of sparkling.

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