translated from Spanish: The bank asks to resume joint and denounce an attempt at Labor flexibilization

The Banking association expressed its discomfort at averaging the year without a wage discussion with the Secretary of Labor. Although the income of workers in the sector had a transitory adjustment of 19.5% in April, the negotiation had time stipulated for May, being able to be extended until June. With this scenario, Eduardo Berrozpe, press secretary of the Association Bank catalogued as “imperious” the need to define final percentage of wage increase.

Bank claims, in submission to the secretariat of work joint resumption as it is imperative to define the final percentage of wage increases. Moreover, in a malicious manner, banks intend to violate labour legislation via Central Bank provisions. — Eduardo Berrozpe (@BerrozpeBncario)
June 13, 2019

On the other hand, there is talk of an attempt at Labour flexibilization, given that private capitals submitted a letter to the Central bank asking for that provision. “It is necessary to give greater flexibility in banking hours to increase the supply of financial services available at branches, that is, more intensive use of existing infrastructure,” said the owner of the Association of Argentine banks representing private banks, Javier Bolzico. In dialogue with FiloNews, the Secretary General Mendoza Banking Association, Sergio Giménez, said that the writing is presented “in complicity with the government” and added that “if they had a vocation to discuss this, they would present it at the joint table which is where They have to discuss the conditions laborales”Ambas disagreements were presented in writing to the Minister of Production and Labor of the nation, Dante Sica.

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