translated from Spanish: Mineduc regrets that teachers continue to be undefined: “The only thing that moves this paralysis is the demand for greater resources”

The Ministry of Education lamented the tough decision Monday by the teachers, who did not accept the proposal they were presented with, so they will continue with the indefinite unemployment that spans more than two weeks.
“We regret the decision teachers have made today to continue a standstill that seriously affects thousands of students and their families. The Ministry of Education’s willingness to dialogue has been permanent. Last week we worked intensively on a proposal that was considered a breakthrough by the directive of the College of Teachers,” said the Undersecretary of Education, Raúl Figueroa. But, in Figueroa’s view, “today we see that these advances are not considered and it shows us that, in the end, the only thing that moves this paralysis is the demand for greater resources”.
Despite this, Figueroa says the doors of mineduc are always open to teachers, inviting them to resume dialogue. “We call on all teachers to recognize these developments and deal with paralysis. We believe it is essential to put the quality of our education in the center and that requires going back to the classroom,” he insisted.
“The country has invested heavily in improving the conditions of our teachers. In recent years, $1.8 billion has been made available to improve pay and working conditions,” Figueroa emphasized, adding that the decision to continue the standoff is not consistent with the school’s speech teachers, who have been emphatically in pointing out that with this measure they are not looking for more resources.

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