translated from Spanish: Catalan government to boost indigenous development in Mexico

The first step in preventing barbarism and tragedies such as what happened to indigenous peoples is to recognize what happened, to dignify people, hence it is necessary to eliminate any trace of discrimination arising from social restraint, the Chancellor of External Action of the Catalan Government, Alfred Bosch prior to a working meeting with the director of the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples, Arnulfo Embriz.
One way to help respect human rights is to recognize historical truth and act with social programs, he declared. “From Catalonia we have a cooperation project through the organization Service and Advice for Peace A.C. (Serapaz).
“We work so that indigenous communities do not live marginalization, discrimination, so that they can humanely fulfil their potential. It has been a few years since we collaborated in Mexico, now that it has permanently opened the delegation, it can be enhanced. If through peer-to-peer cooperation we can help and contribute, we will do so as much as possible.”
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The chancellor opened a delegation of the Catalan government to Mexico, which will take office in a few months, after the place for delegate or delegate was concededed.
Alfred Bosch, who is also a journalist and novelist, arrived in Mexico from last Sunday for business meetings with businessmen and officials of the Mexican government.
The intention is to strengthen ties between Mexico and Catalonia that are already close since the time of Spanish exile, an eternal thanks to the government of Lázaro Cárdenas and to Mexico as a country so it has always done against the violation of human rights , in favor of democracy and persecuted persons who have found shelter in Mexico.”
The chancellor said that economic relations between Catalonia and Mexico are strong and hopes they can grow. There are Catalan hotel chains in Mexico, as well as trade and manufacturing.
“The tourism sector has important development between companies operating on both sides, there is the Barcelona fair which is very powerful, which is of the avant-garde fairs around the world, and is collaborating with the Fair of Puebla. In addition, in the automotive sector, there are parts that are manufactured in Mexico and assembled in Barcelona, all this can be maximized. There is a lot of field to develop,” he said.
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On the exodus eslive in Europe and countries such as Mexico, Alfred Bosch opined that migrations must be managed so that there are no exploitation networks or problems arising from mafia practices and, at the same time, to bear in mind that migrants are people with rights. Migrants must be allowed to live their journey calmly, he added.
In Europe there is a very important migration issue, it must not be answered with xenophobic attitudes, nor to put the blame on their backs of those who leave their country for a better life. The priority must always be respect for human dignity and good management of a phenomenon affecting thousands and millions of people, he said.
Catalonia’s political environment
In 2017 stemming from political tension after Catalans voted in a referendum for independence, the Spanish government closed Catalonia’s delegations to Europe while maintaining only that of the European Union in Brussels.
Today, they have recovered the entire network of delegations in Europe, 11 in total, and the United States in Washington, moreover, said Bosch, comes a deployment in the world.
Alfred Bosh said that a dialogue must be initiated with the kingdom of Spain so that the solution to the problem is democratic, “that the people decide because it is the one who must decide”.
It also abounded, the problem of political prisoners, of political exiles, must be solved, calling for their immediate release. What doesn’t make things better, he insisted, is the reaction of the powers of the State of Spain that choose to punish and beat old ladies and innocent people who are going to vote, to put people in jail and give them 25 years in prison which is more than is asked for rape for murder.
Bosch recalled that there are political leaders in the prison who are ideal for a deal with the Spanish government. They, he stressed, would be the ideal interlocutors to reach a deal with the Spanish government, but they are locked up.
“Two million Catalans voting in the European Parliament and Spanish power cannot take possession of the seats they have elected, either because they are in the European Parliament exile and they would be imprisoned or because they are in jail and cannot take office. That’s a violation of political and democratic rights,” he said.
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