translated from Spanish: It will give Infonavit credits to same-sex couples

San Luis Potosí.-In Infonavit there is no restriction on same-sex couples and they can apply for a joint credit, because internal regulations do not prevent their authorization, announced the director general of the institute, Carlos Martínez on tour of work for this entity. He stressed that state congresses must support these unions, because they are “taking away two people’s chance of owning a better home,” the federal official added.

Martinez said local legislatures must move in the same direction and support same-sex couples to access housing credits through infonavit.HELP US Click the Google News star and follow usAn example is San Luis Potosí, said that these people can go to the process to obtain this benefit and no new reform is required.
On the other hand, as part of the innovations of the federal government, he emphasized that Infonavit delegations would become state service offices, and according to the complaints of the rightholders, public servants had become ambassadors of the Directorate-General and his time devoted him to the grid. Now the staff of the institute must be to care for the citizens and solve the problems they carry and to give answers to the worker, such as opening electronic accounts to the rightholders who have only 5 percent of the people benefitfrom housing credits. State service offices shall meet requests for housing sub-accounts; qualify ingesced credits; shared responsibility program, which can also be carried out from the e-mail of the rightholder to verifying the employer’s contributions.
In addition, operating spending was reduced with reductions in civil servants’ salaries, as well as operating spending was reduced to investments of 2 billion pesos, but the cut made it possible to reach up to 1.8 billion pesos. On the other hand, the rightholders complain about law firms, which have become the terror of people benefiting from Infonavit credits.Marielos Ruiz lives as if he were a criminal. Every time they knock on her door, she’s terrified, because she thinks they’re going to evict her. She has two young children, and her great concern is that the firm hired by Infonavit will forcibly take her out on the street.” I don’t live, I don’t sleep.” She was notified that she had a lawsuit, and went to the office to attend to her, and there she was told “get to work and keep paying.”
He did, until he received a sorry return and Infonavit’s staff told him “you have nothing to do anymore, your house was paid for by the legal firm.” He went to the office, and there they asked for 545 thousand pesos. She was not notified or alerted, and from good to first she had lost her home, so she believes a dirty job was done between Infonavit and the office. He doesn’t know in what state he took his lawsuit. Infonavit and the law firm closed the doors and gave him no options. IncumplimientoJosé Ramón Martínez Campaña took out its credit in 1999, in 2006 and 2007 it was delayed with monthly payments; then he got up to speed, and yet he got the default lawsuit. The firm asked him for between 30 and 40 thousand pesos to agree, which he could not do, being evicted. He fought for his house, and even made an agreement signed by Infonavit where he pledged to return the house to him, but he did not. Currently, the house is home to a family that says it bought from Infonavit, but in the Public Register of Property appears in the name of the Institute, so he believes that these people are paid by some official of the Institute, who in complicity with the offices are committing offal. 

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