translated from Spanish: Shots for lack of wage payments desquician Morelia

Michoacán.- Various takes for the lack of wage payments and aguinaldos desiccian drivers and passers-by in the capital michoacana. In Villa Universidad, the workers of the Institute of Educational Physical Infrastructure of the State of Michoacán (IIFEEM) closed roads, who are owed 2 fortnights, aguinaldo and year-end benefits.

Meanwhile, in Ventura Puente in front of the Ministry of Finance, the workers of the Employees Union of the Indigenous Intercultural University of Michoacán (SEUIIM) were installed who are owed 5 fortnights, aguinaldo and year-end benefits.

On Avenida Madero in front of the Congress, the Magisterium of Base Power, it overnighted in demand of greater resources to the Education sector as part of the activities for the 41st anniversary of the CNTE.

While in front of the College of San Nicolás, employees of the Michoacana University manifest themselves to the lack of payment of five hundred December, aguinaldo and end-of-year benefits, as well as the Trade Union Aid that has been owed since December 2019 to some unionized.

A few moments ago the authority reported on the payment of 50% of the Deposit Contribution due since August. The shots on Madero Avenue will be released at night, but it is warned that they could return tomorrow.

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