translated from Spanish: America’s Cup: What would have happened without technology?

Neither Messi, nor Suarez, nor Cavani, nor Firmino, nor Paolo Guerrero: the main protagonist of this America’s Cup is the VAR. Technology has been key so far in group stage parties to deliver fairness in results. In the opening match, Brazil could not open the match against Bolivia, when Argentine referee Néstor Pitana attended VAR and confirmed that there had been Fernando Saucedo’s hand. Penal and the home side unlocked the match, which ended 3-0.In the same group, Peru and Venezuela tied 0-0, but the technology helped the referees, who had validated two goals for the Incas who then overturned. In both, players from the team led by Ricardo Gareca were on the offisde. The Vinotinto benefited again on Tuesday, when the VAR overturned Brazil for offsides that the referees had not initially noticed. That is, if it were not for the video arbitration, Venezuela would have zero points. On the other hand, in the group of Argentina there was also action of technology: in the match between Paraguay and Qatar, those who review the plays annulled a goal for the Guarani. Then the match ended 2-2. The most remembered for all of us was last night, when Argentina could not tie the match with Uruguay until the VAR saw the hand of Ivan Piris, a penalty that kicked Messi and 1-1. 

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