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Mexico.- Blood pressure or blood pressure is the force that the blood exerts on the walls of the arteries in its way to circulate to the heart, when this force is excessive it is talked about high blood pressure or hypertension, indicates the Medical Journal of Santiago de Cuba, in a publication in Scielo.  Having high blood pressure can lead to diseases such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney failure. Blood pressure usually does not cause symptoms and can go unnoticed, but there are certain clinical manifestations that can be taken as symptoms of high blood pressure such as: 

Fast pulse
Short breathing
Visual hallucinations 
ringing in the ears
Facial blush
Eye spots like flying dark objects
The Spanish Society of Arterial Hypertension-Spanish League for the Fight against Arterial Hypertension, indicates that hypertensive people who have not been diagnosed can develop as angina, which is a symptom derived from it. Depending on the blood pressure reading values, it can be classified as:119/79 or less: normal blood pressure. 
140/90 or higher: high blood pressure. 
Between 120 and 139 for the highest number or between 80 and 89 for the lowest is prehypertension, i.e. you can develop high blood pressure, unless you take action.
The publication of the Medical Journal of Santiago de Cuba, suggests that in addition to drug treatment to control high blood pressure, hypertensives need to make changes in their styles and lifestyles for healthier ones include: Every adult over 40 should regularly monitor their blood pressure, mainly if their parents or grandparents have had it.
Perform physical exercises and avoid obesity.
Decrease the level of salt in the preparation of meals.
Minimize animal fat and eat a diet rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits and fibers.
Limit the amount of processed and fried foods. 
Do not smoke and avoid environments contaminated by tobacco smoke.
Moderate the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Don’t over-eat exciting drinks like coffee and tea
Hypertensive people, emphasizes the Medical Journal of Santiago de Cuba, should be aware of the danger that high blood pressure poses and that lifestyle modification is fundamental. In addition, the dangers of high blood pressure are exacerbated when associated with high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus or uric acid. 

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