translated from Spanish: A Parish Treasurer was murdered in Morón: there are two detainees

The treasurer of the parish of Santa Monica of the party of Morón, identified as Ernesto Cavazza, was killed this morning by a group of at least three criminals who tried to assault him as he got out of his car to head to that religious place. According to police sources, the event occurred around 10:15 at the door of the parish, located in Manuel Rico street at 800 in the town of Villa Sarmiento.
The 80-year-old man was approached by the assailants, who tried to rob him while he was stationary, a Peugeot 206. Resisting the robbery, he was shot in the head. The victim was rushed to Ramón Carrillo Hospital and died while undergoing surgery. A witness who was very close to the assault was a parishioner who hoped the victim would open the parish to enter. Apparently, his testimony was important in describing the thieves. For their part, the Bonaerense Police carried out a series of operations to find the killers. Security cameras and – mainly – the prints found on the car they used to board Cavazza were vital in identifying the assailants. As a result, the officers managed to arrest two of them, while they continue to search for the other suspects.

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