translated from Spanish: This is the price of gasoline in Mexico today, July 1

Today Monday, July 1, so the price of the magna, premiun and Diesel gasoline soured, which are shipped to the various gas stations in the states of the countryWe will then let you know how the prices are so that you can buy it in said gasolines.
You can also be on the lookout every Monday of the mornings of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, where the Who is Who of the prices of gasolines is presented, so that checks where you can buy at a lower price, since they are disclosed the gas stations where it sells more expensive and cheaper depending on each entity in the country. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow usToday, the price of gasoline dawned at this price:Average price of gasoline in Chiapas todayMagna 18.89Premium 20.24Diesel 20.64Average price of gasoline in Mexico City todayMagna 20.48Premium 21.64Diesel 21.39Average gasoline price in State of Mexico todayMagna 19.62Premium 20.92Diesel 20.88Average price of gasoline in Jalisco todayMagna 20.28Premium 21.49Diesel 21.19Average price of gasoline in Nuevo León hoyMagna 19.22Premium 21.09Diesel 20.62Average petrol price in Puebla todayMagna 18.75Premium 20.02Diesel 20.29Average petrol price in Sinaloa todayMagna 19.75Premium 22.07Diesel 21.56Average price of gasoline in Veracruz hoyMagna 18.8Diesel 20.07Diesel 20.39Average petrol price in Durango todayMagna 19.71Premium 21.1Diesel 21.17Average price of gasoline in Michoacán hoyMagna 19.38Premium 21.02Diesel 20.99This and other prices you can check from more states of the Mexican Republic just clicking Here.

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