translated from Spanish: Miguel Hidalgo Primary of Loma de Los Hoyos holds a lavish closing event

Apatzingán, Michoacan. – On the evening of last Tuesday, the community of Loma de Los Hoyos was adorned with the closing of the end of the course of the Miguel Hidalgo Primary School, led by Professor Jorge Arturo Moreno Echeverria.
The magic that enveloped the atmosphere, was unprecedented, between butterflies that adorned the facilities, an aqueduct that adorned and surprised the guests and the coordination of the teachers and managers, the closing event left to mind those who they came to it.

It is worth mentioning that among the guests was Professor Héctor Astudillo García, President of the Executive Committee of Section 18 of the SNTE, who was the godfather of generation of the graduate students.  In his speech, the teacher recognized the work of the principal of that institution, Astudillo García, ieeling the teachers and students for the hard work, which was evident in performing an event of such magnitudes. The event was attended by maestro Dimas Sagahón Hernández, personal representative of the Srio. General. SNTE.

During his speech, the director of the Miguel Hidalgo School, Professor Jorge Arturo Moreno Echeverria, told the students, “this is only a stepping stone in your school life, there are no more pretexts for not continuing to study, the support of your teachers will always have it”.

The event lasted about 2 and a half hours, and welcomed the hundreds of attendees who came together to be part of it. Being the main theme of the closing, Michoacán, the little ones delighted the attendees with various dance and musical numbers, thus starting with a Pirekua Michoacana and ending with the traditional hot earth dance, showing the skills that their teachers have taught them. The musical part was in charge of Professor Alejandro Gutierrez who directed the number “Flor de Canela” and “Josefinita”

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