translated from Spanish: Officials’ associations demand explanations to the MOP for POI diligence: «Facts are serious and unusual»

Through a public statement, associations of officials from the Directorate-General for Waters and the Ministry of Public Works asked the portfolio authorities for explanations regarding the diligence Police Investigations on July 1st in DGA units.
In their statement, officials note that according to «information provided by DGA officials they report that on 1 July the computers of Mr. Director-General of Waters, Mr. Oscar Cristi Marfil, would have been seized; Mr. Sub-Director General of Aguas, Mr. Juan José Crocco Carrera; of the Head of the Legal Division of that Directorate General, Mr. Luis Ulloa Martínez, and in addition to a Department Headquarters».
The statement signed by Anfudga (National Association of Officials of the DGA), anIOP (National Association of Public Works Engineers) and the AN (National Association of Lawyers of the MOP) states that «the facts that have occurred are sufficiently serious and unusual in our Ministry, as well as the reasons that would have motivated the actions of the Investigation Police, «administrative pre-ration and possible influence-trafficking,» in the processing of a claim by a mining company».
According to the publication of El Mostrador, the diligence of the Investigation Police took place in the offices of the Directorate General of Waters of the Central Level, as part of an investigation concerning the project of operational continuity of the mining process Atacama Kozán, a mining company formed by the Japanese company Nittetsu Mining Co. and the Age Group.
Officials therefore regretted that the authorities have not transparent what happened. «We find it anomalous and worrying that the MOP authorities do not report these facts to The DGA officials in particular and in general to all MOP officials,» they said.
«The Director General of Aguas has not issued a written statement or publicly informed officials of his distribution of these facts, as of the date of writing of this Minute. On the other hand, it has not been known that the moP’s senior authorities, Minister or Under-Secretary of Public Works, have publicly informed the MOP officials of the above serious facts,» argue the associations of Officials.
After the Ministry of Public Works by El Mostrador in this regard, it was reported that «there is an investigation ongoing, of an autonomous body, in which we are collaborating and we will deliver all the background that we are asked to do».

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