translated from Spanish: Emma Stone is the one chosen for the new director of La La Land

Damien Chazelle is not the first director to fall in love with his actors. This pampered child by the Hollywood Academy of Arts and Sciences failed to repeat the success and magnetism of the multi-award winning “La La Land: A Story of Love” (La La Land, 2016) with his space odyssey “The First Man on the Moon” (First Man , 2018), but none of this discouraged him and he has already begun planning his new film project with the lead role of Emma Stone, his Oscar-winning Mia.La film in question is “Babylon”, a period story set in 1920s Hollywood, they say, during the transition between silent and sound films, which could mix fictional and real-life characters, very in the style of “There Was One Time… in Hollywood” (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, 2019), Quentin Tarantino’s new film. Chazelle’s idea is to bring together a large cast of first stars (it seems that one of them is Brad Pitt), in its most ambitious production to date, although there is not yet a concrete study that has taken the post.

The second is leaving

This new homage from the filmmaker to Mecca of cinema is being contested by several production companies, including Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate Films, also responsible for “La La Land”, although it is too limited option – we are talking about a mini major, or a study that works with medium budgets – for Damien’s new film ambitions. Little and nothing is known for now, but Olivia Hamilton, Matt Plouffe, Tobey Maguire and Marc Platt are already the producers designated to bring this project to fruition. After winning the Oscar for Best Director in 2017 – do you remember the ‘envelope gate’ that was armed with Moonlight (Moonlight, 2016)?- and wanting to repeat the feat with “The First Man on the Moon”, where he reunited with Ryan Gosling, Chazelle devoted his time to developing a couple of days and television projects, including a mysterious series for Apple, which he will take charge of writing and directing the first season. On the other hand, we have “The Eddy”, a music drama for Netflix, created by himself and written by Jack Thorne. Here, it’s up to him to take over the first two episodes of this story centered on the owner of a French club that must deal with the ins and outs of the establishment located in the heart of Paris. The music will be by Glen Ballard, with the beautiful Parisian settings in the background.

Damien and Emma return to Mecca

As for the color, “Babylon” adds a new prestige product to its already bulging resume after the event of “Maniac” (2018) and its third nomination for “The Favourite” (The Favourite, 2018) by Yorgos Lanthimos. Soon we will see her fighting dead alive in “Land of Zombies 2” (Zombieland: Double Tap, 2019), and as one of Disney’s baddest in “Cruella” (2020), prequel in live action version centered on a young Cruella from Vil. Will we finally know why he hates little animals? We do not know whether or not the title of this production refers to the work of independent director Kenneth Anger, “Hollywood Babylon” (Hollywood Babylon, 1959), a book where the filmmaker brings out the true “Hollywood glitter” through the chronicle of various scandals, secret dates and addictions of all kinds. Dietrich, Valentino, von Stroheim and so many others meet in the authentic “Boulevard of Dreams”, more broken than made. Anger crudely exhibits the cruel truth of stars and stars: sex goddesses, disgraced idols, mobsters and others, who with their murky stories became legends, almost as much as this publication; if you ask us, too dark by Chazelle standards.In this note:
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