translated from Spanish: “Mexico Goes Without Authority”: Calderón Criticizes Insecurity

Former President Felipe Calderón criticized the insecurity in the country and said that “Mexico is running out of authority and no government on the street.”
During an assembly of his political party in formation “Mexico Free”, held in a social event hall in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, the former staff noted that in Mexico there is no freedom “if he has to be distressed and locked in his house without the freedom of go out with certainty and safety of your own and your family wherever you want to go.”

Mexico is not free!
The former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, truena against AMLO government. #AvanzaLa4T ???
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He criticized that there is also no freedom when the rule of law was broken and decisions do not adhere to the law.
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“When trains are blocked, booths are taken, streets stop, people are prevented from going to work, that’s not freedom. When there is a right, when there is a law, there is freedom there,” he told a group of people. 
Calderón and his wife, the former independent presidential candidate Margarita Zavala, to promote the creation of a new party called México Libre. 
For their formation they require making assemblies in the states, the one held in Los Cabos, last Saturday is part of this requirement.
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“We want a free Mexico where you can work, buy, sell, leave your home, have fun, do whatever you want with the certainty and assurance that there is a state, there is a government that complies with the law and that enforces it, that will be free Mexico.”
In 2006, when he became president, Calderón initiated the so-called “war on drugs,” a policy that sought to confront organized crime with all the state force.
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