translated from Spanish: Man cuts his wife’s lover’s penis with scissors

Florida, USA– A Florida man allegedly used a pair of scissors to cut off his wife’s lover’s penis, according to a report. Alex Bonilla, 49, is accused of committing an appalling act against the man, who is his neighbor, while the victim’s two children were at home last Sunday outside Gainesville, according to a police report obtained by NBC NEWS.

The victim told police that Bonilla attacked him at gunpoint, threatening to kill him if he resisted, according to the report. Once inside the neighbor’s room, Bonilla allegedly tied up the victim and attacked him. Bonilla then fled the house with his penis separated from the man. Bonilla had caught his wife and neighbor having sex last May, according to the police report.

Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office

Cops accused Bonilla of aggravated assault, cruelty to a child and robbery. It is unclear whether doctors were able to reattach the victim’s penis, according to the report. She took revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend killing her bitch
A Youtuber shared a video in 2017 on YouTube, which in recent days has gone viral. In the recording he tells a story of revenge, from a girl, after learning that his partner was unfaithful to him. The Youtuber originally from Barcelona, better known as «They call me Fredy», shared the story after someone made it come across their social networks. The film shows a boy’s chat, who they name «Princezo» and his girlfriend. In the conversation you can read how the girl sends tender messages to her partner, after he lost her pet, a little dog named Tina.


After several tender messages, she asks the boy if he liked the empanadas he sent, which he says yes, and even tells him that he’s cooking better and better. From one moment to the next everything changes. The bride asks the boy if he really loves her and he says yes; the girl already annoys, sends her a photograph where apparently her partner is kissing another at a party. The boy is all nervous, he asks where he got the image, even tells him if he followed it, to which she replied with another photograph where the dog’s head is seen.

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