translated from Spanish: Monte Massacre: Rocío’s letter to her friend who died in the chase

The last Day of the Friend was very hard for Rocío Guagliarello, the only survivor of the Monte Massacre. The date coincided with the day that Camila López, her great friend and one of the victims of that police pursuit, would have turned 14. Rocío, who recovers from the wounds he suffered that early morning on May 20, wrote a letter expressing his pain, amid memories with Camila. The text was published on the site of The Mighty Gorge.

There, the young woman says: HAPPY DAY AND HAPPY MEETS, AMIGACami:Today I see everything strange. In memory no one dies but you don’t know how it hurts, you can’t imagine the lack you make me and how I’d like you to be. I miss you. I miss your voice, your contagious laughter, your advice, your very strong character, the one we bumped into. I miss being long hours in the morning staring at Almost Angels, which I’m already finishing, but alone. I miss listening to music by making us the rappers that were so bad, haha… I miss our hard fried cakes, our orange juices that were never missing, our summer nights riding, our meetings with the boys, the turns around the square. I miss sitting on every corner to steal wi-fi, our mates on the sidewalk at any time, going to your grandmother’s when she was asleep to get some food out of her. But what hurts me the most is that I’m going to miss my bankmate, with which we always sat in the background, where the teachers challenged us for laughing so hard, but everything, they never managed to separate us. Today, on Friend’s Day and, above all, on your 14th birthday, I want to send to heaven a strong hug, an ear pull, a malted that will no longer be. It comforts me to know that you are in a better place, but I would give everything because you are here, I want to hug you and spend the day with you, as we did 24-7.Sister of the soul, I promise to take care of your mother, pamper her and spend time with your brothers because your family, who is mine , is never abandoned. Send me strength to move on, take care of us and I hope you’re laughing at your aunt, who you missed so much. I’m going to remind you every day, because a friendship like that never forgets. I love you and I’m going to love you forever. Postscript 1: I’m going to need my life partner… Our moms reneged on both of them. How am I going to do it alone, to drive you both crazy? I’m going to miss your help so much. What can I tell you? I miss you more today than I did yesterday. Postscript 2: On Friend’s Day, I send them a strong hug, Danilo, Gonzalo and Hannibal. I promise you, we’re not going to stop until we do justice. I’m going to go on for you, to the end. For the dreams that were taken from them, for our projects, for our laughter, for the pain they caused us, for every tear of our parents and because they took a part of my heart. I hope you are well and whenever I find 4 stars shining I will know that you are guiding me. Big kiss, Rocío.How was the fact
In the early morning of May 20 last, around 1, five young men aboard a Fiat 147 crashed into a coupled truck parked on the side of national route 3, at the height of San Miguel del Monte, about 115 kilometers south of the city of Buenos Aires , while being chased by a police motive. After the crash, Camila López (13), Danilo Sansone (13), Carlos Aníbal Suárez (22) and Gonzalo Dominguez (14) died. Rocío Guagliarello, 14, survived and was admitted to the Hospital El Cruce in Florence Varela.Hugo, an uncle of Aníbal Suárez, the 22-year-old who was driving the car, told him that a month before that tragic night, local agents had demanded money to his nephew as a coima because he had no order the vehicle papers and that since then “was marked”. There is an open court case, several police officers charged, some of whom were forcibly removed. In this note:

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