translated from Spanish: Gustavo Quinteros: “The result was fair, but I don’t think it should have been played”

The coach of Universidad Católica, Gustavo Quinteros, appreciated on Sunday that he had managed all three points on a difficult court like that of the CAP-Steel Stadium, even more so with the adverse weather conditions, although he ensured that the match with Hu achipato must have been suspended because of the poor state of the playing field. The strategist of Argentine origin stated after the final whistle that “I think it should not have been played, I feel responsible and beyond the result that for us was positive, there was the court to play a normal football. He also hurt Huachipato. In the attack areas was where there was more water, you couldn’t play a football like the one we all want, we added points but I think we’ve made a mistake that the game was played.” Regarding the brega process in Talcahuano, the former coach from Bolivia and Ecuador said that “we cannot do a football analysis the way that was played, we could not take three passes in a row except for the first time, neither we nor Huachipato could do the better, but we had a chance to win it, we were more on the opposing field and the result was right inside what could be done on the field.” Asked about Benjamin Kuscevic’s injury in the first span, which prevented him from playing, Quinteros noted that “that was a play that perhaps did not have much to do with the field. But in split plays, with loyal players, they go with all the weight of the body, that hurts them and can cause some unexpected injury. Let’s hope Kuscevic is nothing serious.” Finally, Quinteros admitted efforts from Cruzados SADP to get the signing of Alfonso Parot, a side that plays today in Rosario Central. “There are arrangements for two players, one of them is Parot. We know well that it comes to the end of the year is more complicated by the seasons, and we could use the recent departure of Benjamin Vidal,” he said.

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