Isapres record losses for the second consecutive year: losses exceed $138 billion

The isapres, private institutions that collect health funds, registered losses of more than $138 billion pesos in the 2022 period. The only one that achieved profits was the isapre that began operating last year, Nueva MasVida, with a positive balance of $551 million pesos.
Meanwhile, Cruzblanca was the isapre that had the most losses last year, with a total of $ 42,963 million pesos. It was followed by Banmédica, with $32.277 billion pesos. Consalud and Colemena reduced their entries by $26,563 million pesos and $26,031 million, respectively. With a lower drop in income are Vida Tres, with $ 8,306 million and Essential with $ 2,528 million of losses each.
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Some reasons for the losses are the disbursements for the health benefits of its members, and the payment of medical leave, which increased in the last year. The Association of Isapres commented to La Tercera that “the results presented by the Superintendence of Health confirm that the isapres return almost 97% of the contributions of the affiliates in direct health benefits and medical licenses, using the difference in making the system operational.”
Among these benefits that showed increases were medical consultations (13.1%); medicines (11.1%); imaging exams (8.8%) and surgeries (6.2%), also in the 2022 period, according to the union.
The isapres also registered a flight of affiliates corresponding to 5.3%: more than 173 thousand people who ceased to be part of the collection system. In the same way, in the first month of 2023, 58,945 contributors and loads also left the system. Despite this, the item recorded revenues of $ 3,558,583 million (12.3%).
On the other hand, the director of Fonasa, Camilo Cid, told Radio Duna that the public health system registered an increase of 380,000 people. About 90% of them, according to Cid, would have migrated from the isapres. “One could estimate with those figures, that in the year we could have 600,000 people. The departure of people from isapres has meant 5% of their portfolio, that is unprecedented, and most have come to Fonasa, “he explained.

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