translated from Spanish: After 6 years, Cinema Bama closes its doors

Buenos Aires Mon Amour, better known as the BAMA cinema, closes its doors. This was confirmed by its co-founder and programmer, Guillermo Cisterna Mansilla, through a social media statement.» We are very proud to have fulfilled the goal that we have set ourselves, in these 6 years, to be that cinema that no longer has,» begins the writing, which received more than 150 comments.
He then continues: «Offering independent film programming, of the best Argentine cinema, and films that in many cases have no place on the commercial circuit.» Although they slipped to be able to return soon, they asked all viewers not to stop going to the cinema, as they explained that «movies are to enjoy in that dark room in peaceful coexistence.» They assisted by trusting our programming, and that was very motivating. Watching them enjoy was the best thing they gave us (…) Surely we had dangers to pass, orders to be fulfilled, some to be repeated, but the programming was always for you. We’re the public,» they said. In this note:
Cine Bama
Guillermo Cisterna Mansilla

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