translated from Spanish: Universities analyze not to charge full tariff to students who lost their free due to behind their careers

At the end of June this year in the midst of a meeting of the rectors of traditional universities in Temuco, the response issued by the Comptroller’s Office on how educational institutions should act with students who have lost the benefit of gratuitousness. All this, because the students have exceeded in one year the formal duration of their career. Thus, the opinion stated that “they may charge them for this annuity the total of the corresponding tariffs”. This meant that universities will have the power to collect the tariff in full from students who were late in their careers. However, according to “El Mercurio” the institutions will be inclined towards other alternatives, as required from the University of Valparaiso and the University of Playa Ancha. This way, they would not charge 100% of the tariff. In this regard, Aldo Valle, Rector and Vice-President of the Council, stated that “there has been an error of the government, not of the students. We’re not going to move the problem to them.” Likewise, the Vice-Chancellor of Administration and Finance of the UC de la Santísima Concepción (UCSC), Claudio Silva, assured that “the objective is to look for alternatives of continuity of studies to those young people who are in this condition, in balance with the financial sustainability of the institution,” he added. In this sense, the majority of the Board of Rectors’ campuses expect the solution to come from financing the Treasury.

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