translated from Spanish: The first debate was held between candidates: Suarez, the only absent

The governorate, Anabel Fernández Sagasti (UC), Noelia Barbeito (FIT) and candidate José Luis Ramón (Protector), participated on Wednesday of the debate that took place at the Magisterio school where 250 students raised their doubts and listened the proposals of three of the four who are in the race to succeed the current representative, Alfredo Cornejo. The absentee in the debate before the STEP of September 29 was the candidate of the officialism and mayor of Ciudad, Rodolfo Suárez. The proposal was for 4th and 5th year olds to listen to projects and opinions of those who will top the lists they will find in the darkroom. In this regard, Fernández Sagasti said: «The participation of society, in general, is something that we seek and promote a lot and above all to listen. Youth, we know, is the irreverent engine that drives society, and I’m very happy to be able to be in this place, which was my high school.» Asked by the absence of the radicalist candidate, Rodolfo Suarez, she opined: «Throughout the campaign for THE STEPS and now we have not heard his voice, his ideas, what he thinks of how to improve the government to which he belongs, how he understands that Mauricio Macri – who is his candidate to president- is going to help Argentines and young people forge a better future.» Fernández Sagasti closed the idea by stating that if someone has an interest or wants to make a commitment as governor, they should first make themselves known and that the Mendozas can hear it. The presentation format was panel and was divided into three stages. In one of them, Fernández Sagasti approached his proposals for youth: free student ticket, protocol of Gender Violence within the secondary schools that he articulates with the Gender Directorate of Women of the province, the Gender Directorate and Diversity of the Court and the DGE, quality young employment, economic support for the development of sport and culture and a Young Volunteering Program that addresses social issues, among others. In this note:
STEP 2019
Fernandez Sagasti

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