translated from Spanish: In corruption cases no one will be covered up, AMLO says

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador clarified that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has not requested information about other public servants in the past federal government who have committed possible acts of wrongdoing or corruption, but stated that in all case, nothing will be covered.
He indicated that the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance, run by Santiago Nieto, is instructed to provide the information required by national and foreign authorities on money management, and “the instruction is that it is not I don’t want to be a president hostage to anyone.”
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After Rosario Robles’ appearance before judicial authorities for the alleged irregularities committed in Sedesol and Sedatu, since 2015, through the scheme La Estafa Maestra, López Obrador pointed out that he would never keep in the drawer a file or information about something irregular that a public servant shows you because it “wouldn’t respect me.”
At his morning press conference from Durango, the representative argued that in the case of other files, it would proceed according to law because “I will not be a cover for anyone”.
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“I am not for revenge, it is not my forehand, justice not vengeance, and neither for the media lynchings, evidence must be presented and it has to be the competent authority that resolves, it is not my trials or summary judgments and accusing for accusing” Expressed.
Rosario Robles is the first former secretary of state to face a subpoena for The Master Scam, the corruption system revealed by Animal Político and Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity, which involved 11 units of the Federal government, eight universities and 186 companies to disappear public resources.
The Master Scam: Graduates in Disappearing Money 
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