translated from Spanish: Desbordes’ warning: if chile’s presidential race is ahead We ‘go’s going to happen the same as in Argentina’

The results of the STEPS in Argentina have been a matter of obligatory analysis in Chile, especially in the governing coalition, where the yellow lights were turned on so as not to suffer a misstep as Ma’s bully defeat Uride Macri.
In this context, the commentary of the president of Renovación Nacional, Mario Desbordes, who issued a warning to the sector: “If the presidential race is going to happen to us the same as in Argentina,” said the helmsman RN. In an interview with T13 Radio, Desbordes remarked that “now is the time to discuss other issues”, asking to focus on “working to make our government do well”.
Desbordes’ words make sense because in the sector they note that the defeat of Macri, a clear ally of Piñera, can be replicable in Chile if the Government does not learn from the mistakes that cost the defeat of the Trans-Andean representative. Privately, they assume that task number one is to connect with the middle class and the most vulnerable sectors, especially considering the economic pessimism scenario that the country is going through.
In Chile Vamos there are already several faces of officialism that seek to profile as candidates to assume in La Moneda. Only in RN do several names appear, such as Senators Manuel José Ossandón, Andrés Allamand and Francisco Chahuán, who fold to a list led extensively by the mayor of Las Condes, the UDI Joaquín Lavín. Another potential competitor is Senator Evópoli Felipe Kast.
But the RN helmsman Mario Desbordes is emphatic in pointing out that “if this government, Ossandón, Lavín and company do badly, they will have no option to be presidents in two more years and the same thing will happen to us as in Argentina, although we are light years of Argentina , there is no comparison.”
However, Ossandón disagreed with Desbordes, as he is in favour of starting a presidential candidacy today: “The UDI’s strategy is obvious: the candidate is (Joaquin) Lavín, there is no other, they are working and have even command, although what Deny. And we have to understand that when you compete, you have to make your strategy thinking about your competitor.”

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