translated from Spanish: The new Need for Speed takes you to an alternative Miami

Need for Speed is one of the most esteemed sagas in the industry and also one of the most bastardized. Electronic Arts, true to his style, squeezed the franchise for twenty consecutive years until players got tired and let his hand go. Since 2015 the company has been releasing a new game every two years, and after two slate installments (Need for Speed and Need for Speed: Payback) it’s time to renew hope with Need for Speed Heat, which will hit PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox on November 8. Need for Speed Heat will move players to Palm City, a Miami-inspired city with a lot of neon and an aesthetic that in the distance evokes a mix of Miami Division and the first films in the Fast and Furious series (when they were about street racing and not robbery Antarctica). According to the official statement of the Ghost Games studio, the game «will deepen and expand everything Need for Speed fans love: expressive customization, urban culture and an engaging narrative that puts them fully into the story.»

Heat seems to be back in the days of Need for Speed Underground, perhaps one of the most remembered installments, offering an open world in which illegal night races are combined with daytime legal events that will reward players with resources to customize and improve your garage. At night there will be not only money at stake but also reputation, and the police will stalk and chase the runners.» We’re going to offer more options than ever before so players can feel unique and make theself known,» said studio creative director Riley Cooper. «Our fans have been clear by saying they want more cars, more customization and more challenges and we’re working on each of those aspects.» From your character’s style to your car’s performance and play style, we’re promoting everyone’s creativity with this game.» Need for Speed has already hurt us in the past but we’re going to put some chips to this new game in the series because it looks really good. We look forward to seeing a slightly more inspired experience than in previous years.
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