translated from Spanish: Bocha Batista to lead Argentina in pre-Olympics for Tokyo

The Argentina national team is still active after the Copa America and the Pan American Games, but new friendlies are coming to try players and at the beginning of 2020 the pre-Olympic tournament that will give the pass to Tokyo 2020 will be played.With the title under the braz or achieved by those led by Fernando Batista, the coaches of both teams met and held a talk in which it ended up resolving that «Bocha» takes over the youth team for the tournament, accompanying the project that goes ahead from the South American of Ecuador.

Sergio Batista comes from being champion with Argentina at the Pan American Games in Lima. Photo: Twitter @Argentina

Also involved was Julio César Menotti, secretary of national teams, who based the motion for the former youth coordinator at Argentinos Jrs to continue working with a player base that he already knows and who have several challenges ahead. In the absence of official confirmation by the Argentine Football Association, the other point is that, in the event of qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, Batista could continue to lead the national team at the international event. Finally and linked to the Major Team, the talk defined that there is a possibility that some of the under 23 players may be part of the calls for some of the six friendly ones signed until the end of 2019, where Argentina will face Chile and Mé Germany and Portugal in their countries and a window in November that has no confirmation.

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