translated from Spanish: Association of Municipalities backs allegation of «classism» after reaction to slaughter in Puente Alto

The president of the Association of Municipalities and mayor of La Granja, Felipe Delpin, supported the criticism of the communal chiefs of popular areas about the «clasism» that prevails when dealing with measures to combat crime. Delpin joined the words of the mayor of Puente Alto, Germán Codina, who this week criticized the presence of crime prevention authorities and police in the face of the serious shooting that engulfed a local slot machine in the commune, in contrast to the reaction for the spears at Las Condes. «What Mayor Codina denounces is a demonstration of this Government’s mistreatment and insensitivity to the communes we suffer from drug trafficking and violence every day. This doesn’t really give up anymore,» the mayor said. According to the communal authority, «inequality is at the origin of the crime and the state’s action in discriminating consolidates inequality. While Providencia allocates 4500 million to security and Las Condes even bigger figures, in communes like La Granja we have only 50 million.» «The other question is how many carabinieri Las Condes has and how many High Bridges. And now let’s see how many homicide deaths are in each place. The relationship is inversely proportional,» Delpin criticized.

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