translated from Spanish: Morelia Economic Development Secretariat reports that it offers financing to MIPYME

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Morelia, Michoacán.- In a statement the Secretariat of Economic Development of Morelia reported that one of the most important actions for the development of MIPyMES in the municipality is the financing and accompaniment that they can access to improve the creation or selling locally branded products and services.
On February 19, 2019, the agreement was signed with a contribution from the Morelia City Council of 4 million 27 thousand 297.95 pesos and its multiplication of resources 1 to 1, leaving a bag of 8 million 54 thousand 595.90 pesos to offer financing to the MIPyMES of the «Yes Financia» municipality.
In this sense, 144 people have been advised on the programs and requirements of the credit schemes offered and from which the Morelianos can still benefit, since SEFECO serves as a window to access the financing, under the schemes Together: Together for Our Prosperity, Incuba-T, Social Incubate and Individual Credit for Women.
The interest rate for these schemes ranges from 0.5 percent to 2 percent per month, according to the requested credit amounts ranging in the amounts of a thousand to 100 thousand pesos.  The general requirements for accessing these credits are: Requested Application; Official current identification with photograph; Birth certificate; Proof of address; Warranty documents, which will be delivered to SEFECO’s Fondeo Finance and Project Advisory Department, located at Boulevard García de León, 753, Chapultepec Sur. For further reports, telephone line 443 1 47 82 60, ext. 200. With actions like these «We are transforming Morelia».

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