translated from Spanish: Teacher recounted cruel taunts he received from his colleagues who led him to say goodbye

Professor Luis Hernández decided to denounce the ordeal he lived in at the school where he practiced his profession. Everything, because of cruel mockery carried out on a daily basis by his own colleagues. In a conversation with TVN’s morning morning, “Very Good Days,” Luis Hernández recounted that “eight months ago the last episode happened eight years ago, but I was working at that school eight years ago, some of the events were verbalized towards my principal until the 26th March where they ask me to make a letter of complaint listing these facts that have affected me since 2015.” In addition, the professor told of the first snub his colleagues make him. “In 2015 we got out of “reel”, a large group and several of the colleagues left without paying the bill and npos left alone me and another teacher, from there begins these clashes with the teacher who left his money and went to another disco and spoke it in the teachers’ room, and from there I’ve been labeled a conflicter,” he said. From there they begin a series of facts that I tell in this letter that the director asks me on March 26 and goes from food thefts to mouse traps, which is what has most impacted people,” he added. In addition, he says that at the said meeting in the teacher’s room where he decides to face the teacher, and in meetings with the principal for these facts he says that none of the 22 witnesses said anything, nor did they see anything.” I have no witnesses inside, i am unable to know my best friend whom I considered to have given statements and they will not serve me in any cause,” he said. One of the facts that have impacted the case is the use of mouse traps to annoy him. “The mouse traps, they were chemical traps set before we went on vacation, they were put without pbc tube protection in the teacher’s rooms. Returning from winter vacation, the mouse traps were about my stuff in a box where I had the materials and elsewhere where I had my cartons on some tables,” the professor recounted.” No one gave an explanation about that, I had to remove the chemical traps with my bare hands. He never noticed the person responsible, the faces showed nothing,” he concluded. The facts related led Luis Hernandez to say goodbye.

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