translated from Spanish: Ask your employees to try on lingerie and send you pictures

New York–Two women sued their former boss, a New York businessman, whom they accuse of asking for inappropriate photos, flirting and retaliating when they rejected it, New York Daily News reported Saturday. New York’s real estate, whose company, Menowitz Management, manages more than 185,800 square meters across the state.

Although the demands of Alice Vysata and Kinga Tabares were filed separately, both claim that the man asked them to send her unclothed photographs from the Victoria’s Secret costumes in exchange for handing over the items that were tested. Alice Vysata, 41, who worked for Menowitz for six years since 2011, told the media that her former boss often sent her obscene emails and even asked her to send her «dirty photos» and «in a bikini.»


He also recalled that in 2017 the man sent him a bouquet of flowers for his birthday with an accompanying letter that said: «I was going to buy you sex toys, but you have all the latest and greatest.» Vysata claimed it was particularly «humiliating,» because the letter was open, and family and neighbors read it. In addition, he said that when he was rejected, Menowitz cut off his health insurance and work email. The woman is convinced that in this way the businessman was trying to «intimidate» her into shutting up. His lawsuit is now pending in federal court in Los Angeles. Tabares (30 years) was hired by Menowitz in 2016 as a personal assistant and was fired in less than two years for being «distant and cold,» according to the man in his justification documents. In his separate lawsuit, Tabares alleges that shortly after starting work at the company, her man invited her on a tour on his yacht, where he asked her to take off his shirt so he could take pictures in his bikini.


The woman claims that after that fact and that of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie, she wanted to leave her post, but did not do so because Menowitz apologized and promised that she would not force her to accompany him during private lunches and dinners. Tabares’ lawsuit is now pending in los Angeles Superior Court. In his defense, Menowitz, 58, argues that both Vysata and Tabares are just two dissatisfied former employees who are now trying to sabotage him.

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