translated from Spanish: Authorities recommended moderating food intake at Fiestas Patrias: you can gain up to 4 kilos

Undersecretary of Health, Paula Daza, also called to be wary of gastrointestinal infections and called those visiting the countryside or enclosed places to meet recommendations to prevent the spread of Hanta.

As part of the recommendations delivered by the health authorities, on the occasion of the celebration of Fiestas Patrias, the call was to moderate the intake of food, combining it with the realization of physical activities.
The estimate is that people can gain up to four kilos from meals at the holidays. “During these five holidays of Fiestas Patrias you may wonder what to do to lose those extra kilos that you will gain by eating so many typical dishes,” said Undersecretary of Health Paula Daza.
“Dancing pot for 1 hour can burn about 200 calories and jump in a sack for 15 minutes burns 165 calories,” Daza recommended.
The authoralso also called for emphasis on the prevention of gastrointestinal infections and called for people drinking alcohol and that if the camp or closed places were visited, heed the recommendations for the prevention of the Hanta virus.

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