translated from Spanish: SUEUM extension strike site: Eduardo Tena Favor reported

Celic Mendoza
At the meeting of the General Strike Council, the Secretary-General, Eduardo Tena Favor, reported that the strike-strike location remains in place, as it was filed for violations of more than 15 clauses of the Collective Labour Agreement and not only for the failure to pay in full Deposit Contribution.
He commented that the next venisoon meeting is the same day as the possible strike outburst, on 17 September at 10 a.m.
However, the trade union representatives agreed to give an extension by Thursday 17 October at 19 o’clock, the above, the leader noted, without prejudice to the authority having to respond to all subscribed deputies.
What is filed, he pointed out, are complaints to Human Rights and the Directorate of Labor and Social Welfare.
Among the outstanding, he said, these were a lack of punctuality stimulus payments, pantries, union aid, work materials and scholarships.
Tena Flores recalled that disagreement with the amendment to the pension and pension scheme also continues.
He stressed that the agreement of 21 December signed by former rector Medardo Serna, does not speak of a reform to the Organic Law, which protects pensions and pensions.

“We are not radicalons on the subject, we talk about it, but we also demand compliance with our rights.”

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