translated from Spanish: They’re asking for trial for 19 policemen over Franco Casco’s enforced disappearance

Five years passed from the fact that a new black chapter woke up within the police and the obstacles in the investigation slowed all advances for the security forces and justice was done for the relatives of Franco Casco, who was arrested in circumstances that are not clear and never heard from again when he was taken prisoner. That October 6, 2014 was the last time the 20-year-old was seen alive, when he departed from the place where he was staying in Rosario to rosario Norte train station to return to Buenos Aires, where his family lives. There he was approached by the troops and was transferred to the 7th precinct. During the complaint process, the case was filed for enforced disappearance and now, the prosecutor of the case Guillermo Lega requested in the last hours to bring to trial 19 Santafecino police men for that reason, after he was known for the investigations that the young man he was detained in illegitimate confinement.

«The unlawful conduct developed by the prosecuted here not only involved the unlawful deprivation of liberty, but also, through it, the person was deprived of the right to jurisdiction, from the right to his physical, psychic and moral integrity, as in turn as the right of his relatives and society all to know his destiny and the becoming of why his death and how it happened,» Lega.On October 30, Franco Casco’s lifeless body was found by Naval Prefectural troops , and autopsies and other evidence established that he died before being thrown into the river, with a time of immersion compatible with the date of his disappearance. statements from other inmates, bring about the chance that he was killed in prison. In their statements, the inmates said they heard screaming and beatings, «after which absolute silence was made and they did not hear the victim again, nor did they see her the next day when they received visitors, which particularly caught their attention.» From there new inconsistencies arose, even in autopsies and the body could be exhumed again, while the conviction against the policemen is sought.

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