translated from Spanish: Negotiation began by paying a bonus to private workers

The Minister of Production and Labour, Dante Sica, argued that «the bonus is not closed» for private workers, but «the political will of the Government is» to reach an agreement with employers and trade union leaders to surrender.
«This week we will start calling the UIA, the different chambers, the CGT so that in October the workers can have compensation,» Sica said.

The official explained that together with employers and trade unionists «the idea is to chart what is the best mechanism», to compensate for the loss of purchasing power generated after the devaluation of 30% of the weight, after THE STEPS. As the minister explained in statements to Radio Milenium, the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) «obviously asked for a bonus similar to what we did in the public sector» of $5,000, but «then we started discussing and chatting with the business chambers and seeing the SME situation.» Sica considered, ironically, that it would be easier to reach an agreement, after representatives of the Argentine Industrial Union and the CGT were shown together last week in Tucumán in an act of candidate Alberto Fernández.
«If the UIA and now the CGT say they are willing to sign or are prone to a social pact dialogue, then I think it’s going to be a lot easier this week to agree, so we can have an improvement from a real salary point of view» Said. Entrepreneurs’ qualms
One of the vice-presidents of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) Guillermo Moretti today questioned the official intention to boost a wage bond for the private sector, on the understanding that in the Government it «lives in a weeded on what is going on» in the country.
«We have been going 15 months of industrial decline with tremendous percentages and they want us to pay a bond. They live in a while as a slob,» the leader complained.

However, in radio statements, Moretti admitted that «wages must be recomposed, because otherwise, there is no domestic market.»
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