translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernández with Lammens: «We’re going out to convince the porteños»

The presidential candidate of the Frente de Todos, Alberto Fernández showed up with Matías Lammens, aspiring to rule the city and dethrone the PRO after 12 years. There they presented a series of measures they would take in case of succeeding in a ballotage.» Now we are going to go out and convince all the people of the portethates that we have the possibility of living in a federal Argentina, that we all deserve,» Fernández said, at an event in Ciudad Universitaria. 

The former chief of staff will try to leverage the president of San Lorenzo in front of October, because if the results of the PASO are repeated, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta would stay with the election. Fernandez, a city-born man, said that in the first part of the campaign he did not devote «much time» to the capital, but stated that he will now work to «convince the porteños». 

.@MatiasLammens: «The creation of the science and technology agency will allow us to provide urban solutions, put the potential of scientific research at the center of public decision-making» #CiudadDelConocimiento — TOD☀S CABA (@TodosCaba)
September 17, 2019

For his part, focused on Science and Technology policies, Lammens said that promoting development requires «political will» and clarified that «political will translates into funding.» In addition to Lammens and Fernández were Dora Barrancos, second candidate for senator for Federal Capital and vice candidate Gisela Marziotta.

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