translated from Spanish: They’re confident of approving term revocation

MEXICO CITY.-The coordinator of the Morena bench in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, warned opposition groups that the mandate revocation initiative promoted by President López Obrador will be approved under any circumstances.

«I talked to them last week in the next direction, telling them that ‘you may not agree with you, but we’re going to take it out. In any case, I will respect the vote,'» he said.

This week, the Zacatecan parliamentarian announced, the analysis of the revocation of mandate and the popular consultation will begin in committees.

Monreal explained that the option is that
revocation of mandate is consulted four months after the 2021 mid-term election or after the President of the Republic has served three years.

I spoke with the media: I stated that the discussion on revocation of mandate in the @senadomexicano will take place in the coming days, even if qualified majority is not secured.
It is obvious that without the opposition vote it will not pass. Each will assume his responsibility — Ricardo Monreal A. (@RicardoMonrealA)
September 18, 2019

«If we reach the agreement, they will accompany me (the opponents), and may not achieve a qualified majority, but we have an obligation to do so because it is already about a year of revocation here with us and we want to vote it once without guaranteeing the vote,» he said.

For this initiative to succeed, two-thirds of attendees need to vote. The meaning of the Opposition vote is still unknown.

In connection with the Amnesty Act, which the Executive took turns as a House of Origin for MPs, Monreal acknowledged that there may be a risk of excesses from the release of inmates whose degree of danger is not properly recorded.

«We are in time not to make mistakes and not to counterproductive purpose to the concrete results of the implementation of the Amnesty Act,» he added.

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