translated from Spanish: Women as the central player in the mobility of the future

Women are leading the change in the mobility of the future of big cities, a BMW-driven study showed. In the latter, different ways of getting around appeared, in addition to the usual means of transport. The rental of cars, skateboards or bicycles, came to change the way you travel, as well as the applications of transport vehicles with driver. The behaviour of women advances it in the transformation of urban mobility as demonstrated by a report by ClosinGap, in partnership with BMW Group.Se relates to its commitment to shared transport, its greater awareness with the environment and the greater complexity and frequency of their displacements. These patterns are being copied by the new generations, where the gap between men and women is imperceptible. The report demonstrated women’s increased use of public and private transport, while men choose individual transport. Women use 6 times the micro and train, and 4 more the subway. Women opt for greener, less polluting vehicles because of their awareness of the environment. About 90% would buy an electric vehicle and 80% a plug-in hybrid. For men, these figures are reduced to 81% and 60%, respectively. The results were obtained from 2052 interviews with people, between 18 and 65 years old, of the five largest urban areas of Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Bilbao.In this note:

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