translated from Spanish: GPPRD goes to the dictation of initiatives that are pending in commissions: Araceli Saucedo

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that MePut Araceli Saucedo Reyes affirmed in this second year of legislative work for the Parliamentary Group of the PRD in the LXXIV Legislature of Michoacán, the priority is to strengthen the work for crystallize the initiatives that are not dictated by committees, in order to fully fulfill the responsibility that was commanded by the society, he said
The leader of the perredist bench said that at the meeting of the Parliamentary Group the work path they will promote from the committees of which they are part was defined, with the aim of advancing the study and decision-making of the initiatives.
The Member of the District of Pátzcuaro pointed out that there are several important issues to be discussed in the plenary, such as the analysis, discussion and approval of the budget of the Local Congress, the economic package of the state that will take turns by the Executive, the definition of the ASM holder, and municipal income law initiatives, among others.
He hoped that within the State Congress consensus can be built to strengthen legislative work, as well as to take the lag that is in committees and contribute from this Power to the development of the state.

“In the PRD we are fully convinced that our commitment is to the Michoacan society, so we have defined the work route that we will promote from the bench and we will always add to all the actions that translate for the benefit of the citizens.”

Araceli Saucedo, pointed out, the GPPRD agenda, responds to the needs and challenges that Michoacán has, since it was built with the contribution and proposals of the population.

“Our challenge in this second year is to have the initiatives that are pending in commissions being dictated, the PRD is more than 40, together with continuing to present proposals on priority issues for Michoacán, meeting at all times the needs demanded by the population.”

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